International Review of Business Research Papers.

 Vol.6   No.1 February 2010

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Utilization of Activity-Based Costing System in Manufacturing Industries –     Methodology, Benefits and Limitations

 Boris Popesko

 The Importance of Understanding Levels Issues in Cross-Cultural Marketing    Research

Alvin M. Chan

 Individual Differences and Mental Health Disorders Among Industrial Workers: A     Cross-Sectional Survey Of Hayatabad Industrial Estate Peshawar

Anwar Khan ,      Kamran Azam , Subhan Ullah  ,  Salim Khan


 Determinents Of Capital Structure Decisions: Case of Pakistani Government Owned     and Private Firms

Ayesha Mazhar  and Mohamed Nasr

 Service Quality and Satisfaction for Low Cost Carriers

Ahmad Azmi M.Ariffin, Aliah     Hanim M.Salleh, Norzalita A.Aziz and Astuti Agustina Asbudin

Evaluation Of Sport Sponsorship As An Element Of Sport Marketing Mix

Bashiri    M, Seyed-Ameri MH, Moharramzadeh M and Hadi H


The International Financial Crises and the European Union Labor Market

Paul      Lucian  and Lucian Belascu


Assessment Centres in Czech Agrarian Business

:Dagmar Charvátová and Jan      Vondrus

 Motivational Factors in a Volunteer Organisation

 Chris Booth, Michael Segon  and    Timothy ’Shannassy



 Enhancing Procedural Efficiency in Multiple-Industry Ratio-Based Modeling of    Corporate Collapse

 Ghassan Hossari
 11 The Nigerian Privatisation Policy And Hope Of The Grassroots Omoleke, I. I.

A Theoretical Explanation and A Dynamical Model For Regulation For The 2008-  2009 Banking And Financial Institutions Crisis

Laure Jehlen
 13  Identity Theft Issues for Financial Services Firms:  John Moore

 Work Status Congruence, Work-Related Attitudes, and Satisfaction Towards Work-    Life Balance

 Muhamad Khalil Omar

 How Are The Operators In The Tourism Industry Approaching The Virtual Channel

  Michelle Bonera


 Ownership Structure and Dividend Policy: Evidence from Malaysian Companies   

 Nathasa Mazna Ramli

 Re-Designing Banking Services: The Case Of A Government-Owned Bank In    Thailand

 Kitti Tananitikul  and Nuttawuth Muenjohn

Trust In Co-Workers and Employee Behaviours At Work

 Ong Lin Dar

The Link between Real Exchange Rate and Export Earning: A Cointegration and    Granger Causality Analysis on Bangladesh

 Rafayet Alam

The Relationship of Psychological Empowerment, Talent Engagement and Talent   Outcomes

Shaik Roslinah Bux and Angeline Tay

A Preliminary Study on the Role of Negotiation in Public Administration - Between    Government and Monopolist

Sheu Shih Wei,

 Purchasing Strategies: Validating The New Measurement

 P. Thrulogachantar &       Suhaiza Zailani


Performance Measurement using Distributed Performance Knowledge Management    System: Empirical case study of Coca Cola Enterprises

Tahir Afzal Malik , Hikmat    Ullah Khan , Afzal Shah , Shafiq Gul


Career Management: Challenges To The Academics and Nurses In Nigeria

 Siyanbola, T. O* , Agbaje, Y. T and Akinkoye, E.Y


 Impact of Legal Environment on Bank Performance: An Empirical Study from a    Developing Country

Anh Tuan Tran

Job Satisfaction Among National Highway Authority Employees

Masood Hayat,  Gulfam Khan Khalid, Arooj Malik

27 A  Research Framework That Examines Work Life Factors of Academics and Transformational Change:  George Comodromos

The impact of CER on trade between New Zealand and Australia

Satya     Gonuguntla


Investigating Diversity Management and Flexibility For Female Managers In The   Australian Retail Sector

Sue Johnston
30 Building a Framework for Public Private Partnerships Research Nick Sciulli

Technology Management Strategies: A Post TRIPS Study of Punjab Manufacturing

Ravi Kiran  and Vijay Jain

Gentleman Or Scrivener: History And Relevance Of Client Legal Privilege To Tax   Advisors.

Maria Italia

An Evaluation Of Stakeholder Added Value In Today's Malaysian Corporate   Governance Scene

Saidah Hamizah Ahmad
34 Practical Studies In E-Governance: An Empirical Exploration Of Enterprise Resource Planning:  JD Thomson

Understanding Information Communication Technologies

Karyn Rastrick and   James Corner

The Influence Of Procedural Fairness On The Small Business Entrepreneurs And  Their Perception Of The Tax Authority:A Case Study Approach

 Sue Yong and     Nthati Rametse*


An Empirical Investigation of Accounting Restatements by Public Companies :Evidence from Kuwait

Husain Y. Alyousef and Ali R. Almutairi

Incentives and Preliminary Investigation of Incentives facing Accounting Standard-  Setters

Ashna Prasad and Arvind Patel

Economic Issues In Information Systems Implementation In Local Government  

 Rugayah Hashim

Factors Affecting Consumption Behavior Of Metrosexual Toward Male Grooming    Products

Fan Shean Cheng, Cheng Soon Ooi  and Ding Hooi Ting

Managerial Perspectives of Bribery and Corruption in Vietnam

Michael Segon and   Mr Chris Booth


Designing And Evaluation Model Productivity For Tourism Industry With System     Dynamics:  

Rouhollah Ahmadi  and Keivan Shahgholian
43 Third Party Stakeholders: The Key To Coopetition Strategies In The Ready-To-Wear Sector? : Laetitia Dari
44  Institutional Investors and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Islamic Financial Institutions: Shakir Ullah and Dima Jamali
45 The Relevance of Financial Education for Retirement Savings Behaviour Michael Ntalianis* and Victoria Wise**

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