International Review of Business Research Papers.

 November issue  Vol.5     No.6

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Strategic Orientation Of HR Managers In Commercial Banks In South Asia:    

 Ajantha S Dharmasiri

 CEO Overconfidence and Corporate Derivative Hedging Decisions:   

  Abdullah N. Alsubaie

 User Charges and Health Care Provider Choice in Cameroon: 

Ntembe Augustine  Ntembe


New Cyber Risk: Premises for an Insurance Coverage :

M. Elena Addessi,   Alessandro Annibali and Carla Barracchini


Before and After Bernie: Ponzi Regulation or Lack Thereof? :

Donald J. Furman and   John S. DeJoy


XBRL Versioning: Imminent Challenges and Potential Solutions:

 Ernest A. Capozzoli   and Radwan Ali


Do Management Practices Affect the Economic Performance of Firms Located in    Southeast Wisconsin, USA? :

Gary F. Keller

The Automotive Industry Supply Chain: The Evolution Of Quality And Supplier    Relationships:

K. Todd Matsubara and Hamid Pourmohammadi
  9 Manufacturing And Job Creations Between Regions In Malaysia: Hasnah Ali

 Customer Relationship Management: Strategies And Practices In Selected Banks   Of Pakistan:


Iftikhar Hussain , Mazhar Hussain, Shahid Hussain and M. A. Sajid

Macroeconomic Implications  of Capital  Inflows in India:

Mohd. Izhar Ahmad   and        Tariq Masood

 Performance of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry in Post- TRIPS Period: A Firm    Level Analysis: 

 Ravi Kiran and   Sunita Mishra

 Managers’ Discretion in Purchase price Allocation: A Comparison Between U.K.  and Italian Insurers:

Alessandro Lai and Riccardo Stacchezzini

Role of Street-Level Bureaucracy and Project Implementation Process in India      

 Madhusudana N. Rao

Corporate Social Responsibility Towards Social Responsible Innovation:  A    Dynamic Capability Approach  :  

Hossein Mahlouji  and Nahid kalbasi Anaraki

 Entrepreneurial Orientation and Export Performance: Evidence from an Emerging    Economy:

John O. Okpara

The Adoption of E-banking in Developing Countries: A Theoretical Model for SMEs :      

 Al Nahian Riyadh, Md. Shahriar Akter, Nayeema Islam

The Relative Importance Of Trust Intentions And Trust Beliefs In Internet Banking    Adoption:

Bander A. Alsajjan

Efficiency and Ownership in Water Supply: Evidence from Malaysia: 

Susila    Munisamy


The Role of Internationalization Activity for the SME’s Development – Case Study    for Transylvania Region:

Adina Negrusa and Gheorghe Ionescu

Corporate Governance and Transparency Scenario: An Empirical Study Of Asia  :    

   Madan Bhasin
22 An Empirical Analysis Of Impulsive Buying Behavior In Pakistan Tariq Jalees
23 A Review of the Linkages between Climate Change, Agricultural Sustainability and Poverty in Malaysia Chamhuri Siwar, Md. Mahmudul Alam , Md. Wahid Murad , Abul Quasem Al-Amin 

Measuring Cross-Cultural Values: A Qualitative Approach

Alvin M. Chan

Motivations and Performance of Public to Private Transactions: An International Study 

 Aurélie Sannajust

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